safe, legal abortion IS pro-life

Pro: choice, reproductive rights, health care, child, pregnant person, abortion, birth, comprehensive sex education.
Safe, legal abortion saves lives.

the other day i posted a link to an article called Why Male Pregnancy Matters, which discusses some of the implications and consequences of the Chicago Department of Public Health’s anti-teen pregnancy campaign depicting teenage boys with pregnant bellies. The purpose of the original campaign is to shock viewers with the supposedly impossible and absurd notion that anyone other than cis ladies can become pregnant, while asserting that boys bear equal responsibility for an unexpected pregnancy. Like many anti-teen pregnancy ads, these ones rely on shaming teenage parents; however, they also have the added douche-bonus of being extremely ciscentric and transphobic.

as a reaction to this regressive campaign (and others like it) the Media Literacy Project (MLP) developed the above counter ad. They accompanied the ad with an article that asks questions including: “In what ways does or doesn’t our counter ad transform the meanings of the pregnant boy ads? How does changing the text reposition an image? What role, if any, do you think counter ads play in reshaping the media landscape?”

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    My therapist told me trans men can’t pop out babies. I almost punched her. It makes me sad when ads know more then...
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